Chairmans Message – February 2018

Glen Hageman - Chairman of the Board

Glen Hageman – Chairman of the Board

2018 Home Show Very Successful…
Sometimes, when an event or activity is conducted on a continuous basis, people begin to take for granted the benefits of having such an event available that they can participate in meaningful ways to them.

Such is the case with our annual WABA Home Show that recently took place in the Wichita Century II Convention Center, that featured 260 companies exhibiting products and services for the home that attracted upwards of 25,000 attendees from throughout the greater Wichita and surrounding area, as well as from other areas of our state, and adjoining states as well.

From truly humble beginnings in 1954, the members of the Wichita Area Builders Association and other quality exhibitors have worked tirelessly to grow the Show in size and diversity of exhibits while improving the quality of it.  While such efforts provide obvious benefits to exhibitors who display their products and services, the real beneficiaries are the persons who attend the Show and take advantage of all the Show has to offer.

We not only want to inspire residents in the Wichita area who attend, but others from other areas who attend as well, by presenting ideas about how to make their home more efficient, more valuable, and more fun to live in, we want to provide them with the means to make some of those ideas a reality.  It’s important that people walk away with great ideas and plans to improve the way they want to live in their homes.

Our show is promoted as the largest composite showroom that anyone can visit at any one time during the year in our area.  Attendees can spend as little, or as much, time as they wish examining products, collect technical and informative information, and discuss pricing and financing options based on their interests in a product or service.  At our annual Home Show “the consumer is in charge” and participating exhibitors are there to help them with whatever their interests, needs, and wants are.

Thanks to all of you for your participation and support of our 64th WABA Home Show. It is our top “non-dues” revenue generating event which provides all members with opportunities for participation and involvement in a way that supports our collective ongoing effort as an Association while continuously making the public aware of the importance of housing and options to improve how people want to live.

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