Membership Committee – March 2018

Ann Allaire Big Spike

Ann Allaire
Big Spike

Jim Gearhart - Membership Co-Chairman

Jim Gearhart – Membership Co-Chairman

Tina Williams - Membership Co-Chairman

Tina Williams – Membership Co-Chairman






  • The Associations Membership Committee is scheduled to meet on Monday April 2, to organize this year’s new member recruiting drives in an effort to grow the members to 1,000 by year end. At the present time we are approximately 60 members short of the 1,000 mark and we feel it is possible we can increase the total members to the desired level this year.  Subsequent to the planning meeting, follow-up contacts will be to put together the number of teams and members to accomplish the goal.

The actual drive itself begins on Thursday, April, 12th with kick-off breakfast that will be held in the Association offices at 8 am.  The drive will end on Thursday, May 24th, at 5 pm.  We encourage all Board Members to participate and recruit at least 1 new member during the drive.  Can do!

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