Membership Committee – September 2018

Jim Gearhart - Membership Co-Chairman

Jim Gearhart – Membership Co-Chairman

Tina Williams - Membership Co-Chairman

Tina Williams – Membership Co-Chairman


Fall New Member Recruiting Drive Heating Up…

This year’s Fall Membership Drive has all the makings of being one of the most competitive so far. It’s Guys versus Gals! With the Gals winning the last time, and Guys planning to win this time, all are working in pursuit of recruiting 50 new members with our President/CEO going in the dunk tank (again), if the goal is reached, or exceeded.

NAHB if offering Triple Spike Credits for all new national members recruited. If you are working on adding to your Spike credits or becoming a Spike, this is the time to be out recruiting. Also if you need any Spike credits to be able to attend the Spike Party at the 2019 IBS Show, now is the time to get them.

Calling all members to get involved! Join us in reaching or exceeding our goal of 50 new members! A special wrap-up luncheon is scheduled after the drive has ended and the losing team will be cooking and serving lunch to the winning team.

Members not yet involved are encouraged to call Debra at our Association office for complete information. The drive will end on October 26th, with the winning team to be announced at our Annual Chili Cook-Off on October 30th.

Click here for info on our Annual Chili Cook-Off!

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