Codes and Standards Committee

Jerry Warren, Chairman

MABCD Status of Operations

The most recent meeting of our Codes and Standards Committee featured a status report on the operation of MABCD. There was discussion of several recent concerns expressed by several members about the timing of service delivery by staff – citing too busy to look up information requested, or citing everyone being so busy work flow is getting slowed down and response times extended. Such being made known to the Committee it was felt that candid discussion was needed to identify any problems that might be developing. Discussion of solution options for consideration so that any actions that need to take place will take place immediately to bring service delivery back into balance. As always, MABCD management is most willing to address concerns and we continue to look forward to a good working relationship. To gather more timely and accurate information, consideration of conducting a quarter survey of members who have interaction with MABCD is being considered as a benefit to all parties involved.

Expansion of the Plumbing Board

With Wichita City Council and Sedgwick County Commissioner approval of a Resolution to expand the Plumbing Board by two members, the term of service of those on the current Board sunsets. Steps are being taken to solicit names of qualified tradesmen and others to serve on the expanded Board. Anyone interested in being considered for service in this regard is encouraged to contact MABCD to find out details, or Wess Galyon with the Wichita Area Builders Association. Click here for more information and criteria one must meet if seeking appointment to the Board, and a form to be used to apply if interested. 

Click here to see the Resolution Amending Plumbing Board Composition

SCA Advisory Board Application

The City of Park City, Kansas has passed an ordinance that states, in part, that “Construction activities shall be prohibited on Sunday or on any government holiday and other than the hours of 7 a.m. to sunset on Monday through Saturday when conducted in close proximity to residential areas and when performed by a person or entity that is performing such construction activities for compensation. Click here for complete information. 

Click here for ordinance

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