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Steve Hund Chairperson

Steve Hund

Sedgwick County District Attorney, Marc Bennett, Very Informative

The most recent meeting of our Next Gen Group featured a presentation and discussion of all the things our local District Attorney, Marc Bennett, is involved with on a daily, ongoing basis. After meeting Marc and learning of the importance and significance of what he and his team does by engaging law enforcement entities, other public agencies, and the public itself in the area to learn about, monitor, and take actions to protect our communities, I think everyone would agree, he is the best man for the job. He has put together an excellent team of attorneys, investigators, and key others with challenges and issues faced by them daily. Among issues and concerns discussed were growing drug problems, especially among the homeless population; sentencing of those who break the law, addressing issues they have after they are sentenced and put in help programs and on parole; and the need to address more impactfully how society deals with those who have mental issues in an effort to reduce the type of crimes some are likely to commit that we are all seeing the impact of on an ongoing basis. If you ever have the opportunity to hear Marc speak, you should take advantage of what he has to say in his capacity as District Attorney. You’ll be glad you did.

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