Codes & Standards Committee

Jerry Warren, Chairman

Expanded Plumbing Board Approved/Appointed

At the plumbing contractors segment of the construction industry’s request, the City of Wichita and Board of Sedgwick County Commissioners, have taken action to approve expansion of the plumbing board that existed during prior years and make all new appointments to the expanded board – some individuals were re-appointed, and others appointed for the first time. There appears to be a good balance of individuals who possess diverse amounts of expertise who will be able to work together for the benefit of their segment of the industry as an integral part of the overall housing and light construction segments of the industry going forward. Here is the list of individuals appointed:

Kirk Stoddard – Master Plumber Installation – City

John Clark – Master Plumber Industrial/Commercial – City

Evan Lies – Master Plumber New Residential – County

Beau Means – Master Plumber Service & Repair – County

Ray Frederick – Mechanical Contractor – City

Curtis Unkel – Master Lawn Irrigation – City

Seth Harrington – Journeyman Plumber Installation – County

Larry Dougherty – Public at Large – Joint

Shaun Conway – Licensed Mechanical Engineer – County

ICC Validated Voter List

As many in the industry know, the International Code Council is constantly engaged in activities that result in the updating of versions of building and trades codes, most of which are adopted for use in various states, cities, and counties used to regulate building and trades practices. Proposed changes to versions of the codes the ICC develops , in conjunction with a diverse group of committees, subcommittees, and working groups, are voted on at different levels within the ICC hierarchy before they are finalized for final approval by ICC Validated Voters consisting of building and trades code enforcement personnel, and fire code enforcement personnel from city/county jurisdictions throughout the country. Thus, the importance of knowing who these individuals are and collaborating with them in order to share the concerns of our segment of the construction industry with the intent of influencing how they vote on code provisions that can have a positive, or negative, impact on what is built.

WABA is constantly working with area building, trades, and fire code enforcement officials to assure that local city/county jurisdictions are validating the maximum number of voters allowed, educating them about specific code change proposals, and why we support, or oppose certain proposed changes. A good deal of success is being achieved to proposed changes being approved, or rejected, for the benefit of us all. We’ll keep all member informed as activities in this regard take place. Click here for a current list of specific proposed code changes we, working in conjunction with our National Association of Home Builders, and where we stand regarding each one. 

Quarterly Member Feedback Survey Regarding Dealings with MABCD

Beginning the first of the new year, our Association will begin conducting a quarterly survey of members who utilize the services of MABCD, to gather feedback for the benefit of our Committee and MABCD management as we continue working together to improve the levels of efficiency, and quality of services the industry expects from MABCD, as well as the public. Efforts advanced to get as close as one can get to having real time information available on an ongoing basis will be helpful to all concerned in anticipating certain problems/difficulties that might develop, and when, and finding solutions to address them a quickly as possible. We hope all concerned and impacted will take the time to complete what will be a relatively short survey when you receive it in early January 2020. Securing a good response will be essential to the success of this initiative.

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