Cornerstone Club

David Gatz - Chairman

David Gatz – Chairman

2019 Cornerstone Club Banquet

Recently, Tim Norton, executive director of the Kansas Aviation Museum was the guest speaker at our Annual Cornerstone dinner. Tim reminded us that Kansas and Wichita in particular has a rich aviation history that needs to be preserved and shared with visitors and future generations alike.   Maintaining the unique and wonderful original 1935 Art Deco Municipal Airport Building, restoring and saving the collection of planes and artifacts and insuring storytelling that educates and entertains multiple generations of guests is a daunting task and requires ongoing community support.

Increased memberships, stepped up marketing, gift shop sales and event rentals are all important to the viability of the Museum and are built into the operating budget. But to be transformative and move this hidden treasure to top of mind in our community and beyond AND to continue to tout ourselves as the “Air Capital of the World” it is going to take a commitment from individuals, businesses and organizations to support the Museum financially.

The Kansas Aviation Museum is in the middle of its Cleared For Takeoff KAMpaign so it can continue to renovate the building, update and change out exhibits to keep the experience fresh, continue to preserve and share the unique collection of aviation artifacts, and put the Museum on par with our community tag line of “The Air Capital of the World.”

Donations can be sent to:   Kansas Aviation Museum, 3350 So. George Washington Blvd., Wichita, Kansas.   67210.

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