Developers Committee

Justin Strelow, Chairperson

Justin Strelow, Chairperson

Special Assessment Abatement Pertaining to Stormwater Drainage

Our Committee is working to secure a change to City of Wichita Charter Ordinance #212 that presently restricts the use of special assessment abatement/deferral having to do with required stormwater improvements. What is being proposed is modification of paragraph D of the Ordinance. By modifying this paragraph, developers would not be limited to stormwater drainage and any other requirements addressed in this paragraph of the Ordinance.

Inclusionary Zoning Calculator Templates

For the last two years the Land Use Policy Subcommittee of the National Association of Homes Builders Developers has been working with a number of the developers that serve on the Subcommittee and our NAHB Economics Department to develop an Inclusionary Zoning Calculator Template for use by member Developers and Builders when it is given final approval. For the present time is being circulated for information purposes and input is being sought from interested developers and builders as to whether the template tool would be useful.

Click here to view a copy of a template, and please let our WABA offices if you think the template would be a useful tool.

Click to see another template.

Any feedback received will be forwarded to the staff of our NAHB Land Use Policy Subcommittee in this regard.

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