Legislative Committee

Don Klausmeyer Chairperson

Don Klausmeyer

Looking Forward to 2020 Elections

With the most recent elections now behind us, and the results known, we have concluded that we fared pretty well given the candidates that were supported and elected and that we are moving forward to continue to work with, and establish good working relationships with those that are newly elected and we’ll begin working with for the benefit of the housing and light construction segments of the construction industry in our area. That said, we have also begun turning our attention to the 2020 elections that will be taking place at the federal, state, and local levels which are many, and very important to us given the outcome that will ultimately take place in those elections.

The process of meeting with known candidates, and others expected to become candidates, has already begun and will continue throughout the end of the current year and well into the first quarter of 2020, and beyond as deemed necessary.

Given our membership’s level of interest in who the candidates will be, we will endeavor to keep everyone up-to-date on our activities, and will be calling on all members to do all you can to help those candidates identified as the ones most worthy of support in any way you can in order to achieve the outcome degree of success possible. It going to be a very busy 2020.

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