Next Gen Committee/Remodelers Council

Steve Hund Chairperson

Steve Hund

Steve Hund, Chairman Next Generation Committee

David Francis, Chairman Remodelers Council

The most recent meetings of our Next Gen Group, and the Remodelers Council, consisted of a joint one for the purpose of hearing a presentation on the needs of the local CASAS for Kids Organization. Presented and discussed was information about the important role Court Appointed Special Advocates play in our community – working as volunteers of the CASA Organization – as advocates for the rights of children who have been removed from their homes due to abuse, and other reasons, while the problems that led to the removal are being dealt with by the Courts, and utilization of other methods. It takes a great deal of commitment to become involved as a volunteer on behalf of children in this regard, but well worth the time as evidenced by the experiences shared by one of our own Next Gen members, Bonnie Mason of Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery, who became a certified CASA Advocate earlier this year.

David Francis Chairperson

David Francis

Due to the ongoing needs of the CASA Organization, consideration is being given to sponsoring a fundraiser for the Organization via the design and construction of backyard playhouses of the scale and type that members of the Association designed and constructed for display during our Annual Home Show some years ago. It just might be that the time is right to do it again in support of a very respected, long standing organization in our community of which CASA is one. We’ll keep all members informed.

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